The 8 Best Meal Prep Bags On The Market for 2021

Are you concerned about eating habits and how much you spend on them? A perfect way to manage both calories and expenditure is to prepare your meals at home and take them with you! Just what you need might be a meal prep bag, and we’re going to help you find the perfect one.

The concept of “meal prep” has become a cultural shift that makes it possible for people to be healthy, stay active, waste less food, and spend less cash. Using a meal prep bag makes it simpler and easier to carry pre-prepared meals with you, whether it is for work or somewhere else.

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Things to consider before purchasing a meal prep bag


The overall design plays a key role in the decision. As you in most places will be taking this large with you, the design is an important aspect. As they become less dusty, darker colors are better. You must be more careful of light colors.


The size is necessary and it is also important to use the size efficiently. Compact sizes and style are better for carrying comfort. However, size comes as a second priority to storage space for carrying massive quantities of food items.

Number of compartments

Less compartments are bad, and more compartments are bad. Based on your desires, it is easier to have an optimal number. In the very least, make sure there are different hot and cold food compartments. Fluids and solids also have separate compartments.

Carrying comfort

The carrying comfort can be understood from shoulder straps and handles. If the shoulder straps are detachable and padded, that is an added benefit.


For meal prep bags, the insulation facility is of great importance. Check how long it is necessary to afford the food. The range is usually from 8 to 16 hours. Often, insulation is also responsible for the quality of zippers and the durability of exterior or interior material. If PEVA lining is found in or out of the, it means that the insulation is good.

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The Best Meal Prep Bags On The Market 2021

1. Prep Naturals Meal Prep Bag Meal Prep Lunch Box


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Check out this one from Prep Naturals if you’re looking for a mid-sized meal prep bag with cleverly designed space.

Three separate 38-ounce food containers, lined in their own individual storage areas, provide space for the main portion. They don’t need to come in contact with each other if you have hot and cold food for separate meals.

The containers with the bag are included and fit well. They’re safe to put in a microwave or freezer. And you should pop them into the dishwasher for washing when you’ve done with them.

They are made of plastic that is BPA-free, so you won’t have to think about bringing the chemical into your food. There is a closely fitted lid on each one that snaps into place. The container’s body is transparent, so you can see what’s inside it.

A 28-ounce water bottle is included in the kit as well. It’s made of BPA-free plastic, as are the containers. Inside its own distinct side bag, the water bottle fits conveniently.

The best place for storing an ice pack is a mesh pocket in the lid. As normal, two of them are used. The interior is well insulated, so when it’s time to eat, the food will remain cold. Both the surfaces are also wiped clean, so if there are any spillages, it would not be a concern.

On the outside of the bag, mesh pockets are a nice place to hold things like condiments or cutlery.

One thing to remember about this one is that, while padded, the handle is not the most durable. If you’re carrying heavy loads daily, you can find that over time it comes unstitched.

And while the producers say that it’s fully waterproof, we’re not so sure. It would leak when it melts if you bring ice inside.


  • Includes three large containers with lids, a water bottle and two ice packs
  • Pocket in the lid is the perfect location for an ice pack
  • Separate side pocket for water container and mesh pockets for smaller items


  • The handle may come unstitched over time
  • Not completely leak-proof.

2. ThinkFit Meal Prep Lunch Box

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ThinkFit’s meal prep bag could be for you if you need more choices for storing various foods. This is more pricey than the alternative for Prep Naturals, but you’ll get more containers.

Here, the oblong type is identical to a sports bag. The main compartment is reached from the front through a zippered pocket. There’s room inside for six food containers, set in stacks of three with room for ice packs in the center.

They are used in the six containers and come in two sizes. 1.5 cups and the two bigger 2.5 cups will contain the four smaller ones. When you monitor portion sizes, that makes them a good choice. To keep it new, all have lids with silicone seals. And all are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Two big ice packs are also included. And there’s even a pill dispenser for seven days that’s powered by touching a button.

A small zippered pocket is on one side of the case, perfect for safe storing of keys or wallets. There’s a mesh pocket on the other side, the right size to keep the shaker cup that’s also included.

The cup is made of BPA-free plastic, as are the food cans. There are three additional cups at the bottom to hold vitamins, as well as the area that contains your drink. And there’s a stainless steel whisk underneath lid to mix it together.

The bag is well made and strong, and an adjustable strap that stretches up to 48 inches is available. It also comes in a variety of four shades.

It’s perfect for keeping food cool at normal temperatures for many hours. But it’s not a cooler, and for many hours, it won’t deal with the summer sun. It might not be the ideal choice if you need anything to use in your car all day.

And while the proportions of the bag and bottle are perfect for portion management, they would not accommodate those who are searching for bigger aids. It’s tidy and well structured, but it’s not the biggest bag out there.


  • Comes with six food containers in two different sizes
  • Includes shake cup with metal whisk and extra compartments for supplements
  • Choice of four different color ways


  • Not the best for those who like larger portions
  • Decent insulation, but it won’t cope with serious all-day heat.

3. TO GO Meal Prep Bag

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The meal planning bag from TO GO is pretty similar to the one from ThinkFit, and it comes at almost the same price.

It’s the same shape and size, with space in the main compartment for six containers in two stacks of three. That’s a front zippered bag, making it easy to access.

There is an extra zippered pocket on one side and a mesh pocket on the other side to hold a bottle or cup. There are six containers included in the kit, four wide and two small, with snap-on lids. There’s a pill dispenser for seven days, two big ice packs and a shaker cup that contains 23 ounces of liquid.

To keep it cool, the bag has a double layer of insulation. And the food containers and shaker containers are all made of BPA-free plastic.

This is only available in one colourway, unlike the ThinkFit bag. With the TO GO logo on the front, it is classic black and white. However, the handle is a bit longer than the ThinkFit, running to 53 inches. For taller people, that will make it more convenient.

There’s quite a little of attention to detail here. The lids are all finished in a smart, glossy black for all the food containers, the pill dispenser and the shaker cup. Both of them carry the TO GO mark, but there is no risk of mixing them up in the office kitchen with other people’s containers.

This is not the right choice for those who want bigger portions, like ThinkFit. And we’ve heard of a few cases where the shaker cup lid didn’t match the way it was supposed to. But at a decent price, this is a great bag.


  • Comes with six food containers in two different sizes
  • All accessories have matching branding, so you won’t get them confused with anyone else’s
  • 53-inch adjustable strap makes it comfortable to carry, even for taller people


  • The containers may be too small for those who like large portions
  • We’ve heard of a couple of quality control issues with the shaker cup.

4. Rockland Guard Insulated Meal Prep Bag Cooler

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The meal prep bag from Rockland Guard uses a classic cool square bag design. The main compartment is entered from the front by a zippered bag. That makes anything that’s inside easy to reach.

In the main part, there’s space for up to three food containers, but these are not included in the bag. Really, there are no other extras either-here, you’re just getting the bag. If you do have containers, this could be a good option. And that means it is really affordable.

There’s another pocket on top, in addition to the main compartment. That’s going to open you room for a new container or snack. In the cover, there’s a mesh pocket where you can place the ice pack.

For a can of drinks and snacks or two regular water bottles, a zippered pocket on one side is large enough. There are also two mesh bags, providing useful storage for things that you need to get to quickly.

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  • Bag-only option will suit those who already have food containers
  • Plenty of pockets for food, drinks and snacks
  • Front access to main compartment


  • The zipper on the main section has a tendency to stick
  • Not the most effective insulation out there.

5. Isolator Fitness Meal Prep Lunch Box

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The Isolator Fitness meal prep bag is the most expensive on our list. So what is it that you get for your money?

Well, to begin with, when it comes to colour, there’s lots of variety. There are no or less 15 different colorways in this large sports bag type model.

It is highly effective at insulating your food. For an amazing 12 to 16 hours, it will keep the content cold. This is an excellent solution if you want anything to do during the day.

The main compartment can be reached from the front, and the lid has a different compartment. Two of the sides have enclosed zippered compartments, while there are mesh pockets on the other two sides.

It comes with no less than eight containers of food in four sizes, ranging from 12 to 38 ounces. Except for the 16-ounce container, in which there are four, you can get two of each size. You’ll be able to carry up to eight of these in your bag in one go, depending on the sizes you use.

But you’re going to have to pack it carefully to get the most out of the space. The main compartment isn’t really nearly as wide as you would have expected. And it’s also fairly heavy, weighing about 5.5 pounds when empty.


  • Comes with 12 food containers in different sizes
  • Plenty of pockets and compartments for drinks, snacks and ice packs
  • Will keep food chilled for up to 16 hours


  • The main compartment isn’t as roomy as it could be
  • Weighs 5.5 pounds when completely empty.

6. Fit & Fresh Jaxx Insulated Cooler Lunch Box

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Check out the Jaxx by Fit & New if you’re looking for a more lightweight meal prep bag.

A mesh external pocket for a shaker cup and an internal compartment with room for six small food containers are included in this neat design. The shaker cup, food packets and a small box are included in the kit for pills and supplements. You’ll get an extra-large ice pack as well.

Four 2-cup and two 1-cup containers are available, ideal for portion control. A specially crafted agitator is included in the 28-ounce shaker cup to ensure that protein powders are thoroughly mixed into your beverage. Both the accessories are leak-proof and can be installed in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer.

There isn’t, though, space for extra water bottles. And there’s no shoulder strap, so you’ll need to carry it in your hand.

But if you need a smaller bag with great insulation and a surprising amount of storage, this could be for you.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Comes with six food containers and a shaker cup
  • You’ll also get a pill case and an extra-large ice pack


  • There’s no shoulder strap
  • There’s no room for extra water bottles.

7. KIPBELIF Insulated Lunch Bags For Women

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The stylish meal prep bag from Kipbelif is targeted squarely at ladies. There’s a variety of colors of aqua, green, pink and purple, with matching shoulder bands and handles. This could be if you’re hunting for a meal bag that’s smart enough to double as a handbag.

This is another bag that has no accessories included. However, it does give you the right to use your own, or order just what you need.

It comes in two sizes to pick from. 12 inches by 7 inches by 9.5 inches is the greater measure. Which makes it wide enough to hold 18 beverage cans. The smaller measures just over 10 by 9 by 6.5 inches and is going to hold 14 cans. Both bags have been tested for 5,000 tests to carry 22 pounds.

For cutlery, napkins, a phone, purse and so on, an array of handy pockets along the outside provide convenient storage. For great insulation, the bag is made with a nylon exterior, foam padding and aluminum covering. Rather than stitched, seams are hot pressed, making it fully leakproof.

This is a bag that is high quality and attractive. There are only a few things to keep in mind. The detachable shoulder strap does not have any padding, so if the bag is full, it is not especially comfortable.

And only from the top can the main compartment be reached. That means that to access something contained at the bottom, you’ll have to dig all the way down.


  • Stylish design in a choice of four attractive colors
  • Choice of two different sizes
  • Completely leakproof


  • There’s no padding on the detachable shoulder strap
  • The design makes it awkward to reach items stored at the bottom of the main compartment.

Final thoughts:

Most of the meal prep bags have insulation to keep food fresh during travel, and some even have built-in pockets for easy storage and portability for water bottles. These bags have various features available in different models and at all price points, such as carrying options, extra pockets, and even ice packs included. So, before choosing, figure out what your needs are and pick the best one accordingly. Hope this article on the best meal prep bags was helpful.