Open Country Food Dehydrator Review

We will look at a budget dehydrator in this study – the Open Country Dehydrator. This is an entry-level dehydrator, intended for those looking for an inexpensive model. It’s in competition with some of the larger labels, so how does it measure? Should this distance itself from the competition? Keep on reading to find out more.

Open Country Food Dehydrator

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Product Features:

The very first thing about this dehydrator that we found is the style. The Nesco FD-75PR Snackmaster Pro is virtually identical, all but the logo. In reality, if without the logos we put them side by side, we couldn’t say the was, to be honest. So, the explanation for that soon became obvious after doing a little work. Open Country owns a company named Metal Ware and also sells and publishes items under the name Nesco. So the Open Country dehydrate is basically simply a rebranded Nesco FD-75R or vice versa. The only major difference between the two is that the Nesco has a slightly smaller (600w) engine while this one has a more powerful 700w engine. We’ve already tested the Nesco American Harvest FD-61WHC so we were expecting similar results, but we decided to push on and check this one to see if there was any significant difference between the two.

First up lets you take a look at the machine’s aesthetics. It is a dehydrator in round shape, which tends to be the typical form for budget dehydrators. The trays’ exterior is coated in white & granite paint. The granite surface helps prevent sunlight from getting into the unit, which avoids the loss of essential minerals and nutrients, according to the website. The lid and handle have a mixture of dark green trim, contrasting quite nicely with the exterior granite. A fast reference guide is on the top, showing the required temperatures to dry those types of food. The logo is directly under the handle, and it is a pretty good design overall. Because it has gray trimmings, the identical Nesco dehydrator is a little bland and we believe the Open Country dehydrator is a more fetching model. The temperature range is between 95-155F, thereby allowing you to dehydrate a wide variety of food. There is no timer on this machine, or an on / off switch, but on any cheaper models, you generally don’t find those.

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This model has the Converge-Flow feature which is proprietary. This form of the system claims to disperse heat better over the trays. This model has the fan mounted at the top of the unit, which is a much better design than the models rated at the bottom of our experience. A common issue with stack-capable models for those of you who don’t know anything about dehydrators is that the trays near the fan sometimes dry out faster than the trays furthest from the fan. In the drying process, a simple workaround is to rotate the trays but hopefully, the Converge-Flow system can help remove some of this hassle. For this package, you get your purchase of 5 trays. You can extend this model to a total of 14 trays according to the website, but since it is a stack-capable model, we feel that no more than 10 trays would not be worth the trouble. A clean-a-screen for smaller things including spices and a fruit roll screen is also included. We would have liked to see two of these, but they can still be purchased separately if appropriate. It contains a handy instruction booklet & recipe guide, helping you make the most of your purchase. Now let’s have a look at how well this computer works work.

Because most people want to dehydrate a number of meats and vegetables, it seems only appropriate that we check all of them to see if the system can cope. With some vegan jerky recipe, we decided to start this test as this is always a firm favorite to food dehydrate. We decided to do about 3lbs which filled four trays comfortably. After 2 hours of checking out the development, the stuff looked fine. We checked in again 3 hours into the dehydration process, paying careful attention to the top and bottom trays. The top trays looked in good condition and the bottom trays looked a bit more fragile. After 5 hours we looked again at the development, and the top trays were about to be completed. The bottom trays were still a little heavy, and we could see that we would end up with dried beef jerky at night if we had rotated the trays about 3 hours in. We were satisfied with the top two trays after 6 hours and took them off. We left the two bottom trays for another 30 minutes and this game gives them enough time to catch up. The finished jerky looked amazing and our taste check confirmed it smelled as fine as it looked!

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Next, we set out to do some vegetables. This time, sliced tomatoes were our vegetable preference and we filled 5 full trays of sliced tomatoes. Until we took a look, we gave them a solid 3 hours and things were looking positive. We tested them up again after 5 hours, and we could see that the bottom trays dehydrated significantly slower than the top ones. We rotated the trays at this level and left them for another hour. Our tomatoes were all finished after about 7 hours, and the results were very scrumptious. We like sprinkling them with a tiny bit of salt and they make a good, tasty snack for sure. In all, 7 hours is fair drying time, so stuff looked fine.

One last test that we wanted to do was on some fruit. Apple and banana slices are relatively simple and easy to do, so we opted in the Open Country dehydrator to give these a check. We checked two apple trays, and two banana trays, to see how long it would take to dehydrate them. After 5 hours our two trays of apple slices at the top looked fine, and the slices of bananas were still a little low. We removed the apple slices for 6 hours, and it took about 90 minutes to finish the banana slices. All fruits tasted fantastic and drying times for a 700w dehydrator were more or less normal.

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The Open Country dehydrate was very impressive to us. Drying times have been good, and the $99.99 retail price makes this very affordable. With most stackable dehydrators, if you dehydrate with more than four at a time, you would need to rotate trays, but for these cheaper versions, that is a popular problem, so we can not take off too many points for this. Overall, this is a nice, cheap dehydrator and a good starting machine to move on to something bigger and better before moving on.

  • Priced well
  • Looks good
  • Decent drying times
  • Nice recipe guide included

  • Need to rotate trays

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We do not forget that our goal is to keep product details up-to-date; therefore, we keep our websites updated at all times. Get more information that online sources about us. If you feel that the information shown here is misleading or inaccurate or irrelevant because of actual evidence, please do not hesitate to contact us. For all times, we shall be there for you.

Final Thoughts

This is a great economic dehydrator and a good way of getting into dehydrated food. You’ll need to rotate trays like most stack-capable dehydrators, but the Open Country dehydrator does a better job than most of the heat distribution. This model was on sale on Amazon at the time of writing, so you can go over here to see if it’s still on offer.

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