Open Country Dehydrator FD1022-SK Review for 2021

It can be a bothersome job to dehydrate large amounts of food, as the endless moving of the trays will make someone want to interrupt the whole process and do something else with all those jerky or fruit slices. This is where the Open Country FD1022-SK Gardenmaster comes in, allowing you to dry thirty wide food trays in a simple and efficient way at the same time. It comes with the stunning strength of 1000 watts and adds to the box various accessories, such as the 52-page recipe book or some extra sheets and jerky spices. Also, See our recommendation for the Nesco Gardenmaster Food dehydrator.

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Model FD-1022SK, the Open Country Gardenmaster Digital Dehydrator, offers you a quick and efficient way to make delicious and balanced dehydrated food for camping, hiking, or storing food. It has a drying power of 1000 watts, a quiet 2,400 RPM motor that circulates air through the external pressurized chamber, then horizontally through each individual tray, converging into the center of the dehydrator so that each tray receives its own new, dry air supply. This exclusive configuration of the Open Country dehydrator prevents flavor sharing and also generates drying without rotation of the tray. The thermostat can be changed from 95 ° to 160 ° F and allows the exact temperature and drying time to be set for consistent performance. Light blocks the opaque case and tray construction, maintaining all nutrients in your foods. This four-tray unit can be extended to up to 20 trays as requirements increase. Easily clean trays and screens and are all dishwasher-safe. It comes with 4 extra-large drying trays, 1 Fruit Roll Pan, 1 Clean A Screen, 1 Jerky Spice, and Cure Box, and a 52-page Recipe and Instruction Book.

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  • Temperature Range: 95 – 160°F
  • Air Flow: Horizontal
  • Thermostat: Yes, adjustable
  • Timer: Yes
  • Number of Trays: 4
  • Max Number of Trays: 30
  • Power: 1000W
  • Warranty: 1 year (limited)
  • Drying Space: 30 square feet

Features of Open Country Dehydrator FD1022-SK

Spacious Dehydration Area

Four trays come with the Open Country food dehydrator, but the consumer can easily lift their amount to 30, creating a large area of 30 square feet of drying space. This of course means that at the same time you will be able to dry vast amounts of food, which is ideal if you either have outdoor meetings or have a company that needs tonnes of dried food.

Huge Drying Power

The Garden Master dehydrator can be considered to be among the most potent dehydrators on the market since it comes with 1000 watts of drying capacity. Yeah, you’ll be able to quickly and easily dry several kinds of different types of food, but don’t forget that this system might make some drastic adjustments to your energy bill.

The Converge-Flow System

This one features the Converge-Flow system, unlike some other Open Country food dehydrators. The 4.5-inch fan lets the hot air spread all over the dehydrator, delivering the same volume to all the trays. This purpose shortens the drying process from days to hours. For example, the drying of the fruit rolls would only take 3 to 6 hours.

Adjustable Thermostat Controls

The built-in thermostat function (ranging from 95 to 160 ° F) enables users to set the correct temperature easily because different types of food require different temperatures to be properly dried. This gives you the opportunity to get the best possible outcomes and is undoubtedly something without which the entire process will be much more difficult.

Precise Digital Controls

A series of simple and precise controls feature the Open Country dehydrator. They are really easy to use and let’s not forget the fact that once the drying process is done, the dehydrator will automatically turn off. Surely this would save you some money and is something we would like to see all the other dehydrators.

Opaque Exterior Panel

The external panel of this unit consists of a so-called Vita-Save feature that blocks the incoming light, which is not the case when it comes to transparent door dehydrators. The nutritious minerals and vitamins in the food will be preserved in this way and will only make the whole meal healthier and tastier.

No Noise While Working

The Gardenmaster dehydrator is quiet when it is switched on and in the drying process, as it has a mix of the noiseless 2400 RPM motor and the 4.5 ‘fan. This system is also made at least four times faster by the engine and fan than the dehydrators that feature different drying techniques.

The Additional Products

One of the best things about this machine is that it comes with some extra products-in addition to the dehydrator itself, you will also get a beautiful 52-page recipe book, the instruction book, two extra sheets (a solid and a mesh one), as well as the jerky spice box. Some extra accessories, including the No-Spill Fruit Roll Cover, can also be ordered.

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Detailed Specifications

The Weight

This dehydrator can easily fit into any kitchen, even though it’s pretty heavy. Its weight is 11,8 kilograms.

The Dimensions

The exact measurements of the Gardenmaster are 16 x 16 x 11 inches, placing it in the lightweight dehydrator group.

BPA Safety

All the components of this device that come into contact with food are BPA-free, and any food that has been dried in it is absolutely safe to consume.

The Number Of Trays

In the package, you will get four trays, but by purchasing additional trays, this amount can be increased. You would be able to dry large amounts of different meals with 30 of them.

  • Quickly, it dries
  • The Timer of Shut-Off
  • Sizeable and dishwasher-safe trays
  • The worth of accessories

  • The additional trays you need to purchase are
  • Setting of Temperature
  • Heating of the body of a dehydrator

Things We Liked

A fantastic product is the Open Country Gardenmaster 1000 Watt Dehydrator, and there are a lot of things we like about it. The most notable ones are these:

It Dries Quickly

This dehydrator, as we have already said, dries food four times faster than most other models, thanks to its powerful motor and high RPM fan. Your jerky or banana chips will be ready for consumption within just a couple of hours.

The Shut-Off Timer

When it comes to dehydrators, this is one of the most significant features you don’t have to keep an eye on it, since it will turn off automatically until the food is dry and ready for use. No more strawberry slices that are over-dried!

Trays Are Sizeable And Dishwasher-Safe

With this 1000 watt dehydrator, not only can one dry large amounts of food, but they can also conveniently wash their trays in the standard dishwasher.

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The Benefit Of The Accessories

The book with the recipes and the instruction book will definitely allow a beginner to properly and comfortably use the Gardenmaster dehydrator. The extra sheets and the jerky spice just boost the whole kit even more.

Things We Didn’t Like

Sadly, there is some negative stuff about this model as well, but there aren’t many of them. But let us still take a look at them:

You Need To Buy The Additional Trays

The whole “drying loads of food” argument about this model is only true if you buy any extra trays because in the package you will only get four of them. You can buy more online quickly, but still, more should have been in the box itself.

Temperature Setting

The temperature can only be increased or decreased by 5 degrees, and it cannot be set at, say, 113 ° F, since it is not an even number. This isn’t a major deal, but for certain people, it may be.

Heating Of The Dehydrator’s Body

The plastic body of the Gardenmaster heats up pretty easily once it’s turned on which means that it should be avoided to leave it unattended for longer periods of time.


We consider the Open Country Gardenmaster 1000 Watt Dehydrator to be an excellent choice, even though it has some slight drawbacks. It is particularly suitable for commercial use because, with its 30 trays and a powerful fan, it can quickly dry large batches of food.

It comes at a reasonably affordable price (about $125 on Amazon), and, thanks to its instruction booklet and the recipe book, it can also be easily used by a complete beginner. What more could one want from a dehydrator? It is quiet, strong, and dries the food in hours.

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