Nesco FD-37A Food Dehydrator Review in 2020

This device is the ideal choice for someone who doesn’t want to spend a huge sum of money but wants to make a life-lasting investment. With the aid of this Nesco FD-37A dehydrator, you can enjoy many benefits of drying fruit.

You’ll save your money when you purchase this machine, and you won’t have to purchase store-bought leather or rolls of fruit. Since the Nesco dehydrator is an entry-level model, it does not start with many apps.

To those who do not have experience using this appliance, it is an ideal option because it is user-friendly.

This dehydrator helps you avoid the various toxins and chemicals that are found in commercially made dried foods because they are designed to inspire a healthy way of life. This is a huge help to all people who want to lose weight. You should dehydrate different fruits and vegetables and consume them as calorie-free refreshments, as a replacement for your daily snacks.

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  • Power: 400W
  • Temperature Range: 160°F
  • Air Flow: Vertical
  • Thermostat: No
  • Number of Trays: 4
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Timer: No


Vertical Distribution Of Heat

A great dehydrator ‘s heat delivery is vertical in nature. This unit performs well thanks to its top-mounted fan, even the horizontal shape was considered dry better. Because of the existence of the circular airflow, it does not involve constant rotation of trays so you would be able to monitor the consistency of the meal.

Capacity Of The Dehydrator

This device has a strong capacity due to its expandable nature and can stack seven trays. Use this for moderate or small family gatherings is an excellent choice. Dehydration and preservation of plenty of vegetables and fruits so you can use them in the future is a brilliant idea. It will fit perfectly on the countertop of a small kitchen, even if it consists of this expandable element.

It Is Lightweight

You can switch and place this appliance in your home or kitchen easily because it is very lightweight. The best thing is that when you go on holiday you might take this product with you. It won’t take much space; it isn’t heavy because it just weighs 4.7 pounds, so you can make treats of all kinds for your little ones.

Dehydrator Includes Transparent Lid

One of the leading issues in some dehydrators is the inability to control your vegetables or fruits without turning off the machine. But, this dehydrate includes a see-through lid that will allow you to control and track the food inside the appliance at any time. The best thing is that when the moisture or mist forms within the device it will not be foggy.

Plastic Clips Or Clamps

The Nesco Dehydrator uses plastic clips or clamps on either side, so you can connect the trays and transfer them from one position to the next. Those clips guarantee that the trays do not move from their position when you change it or transport it.

Strong Fan And Heating Element

This dehydrator can be used on the electrical circuits which are assured by the configuration of the heating system and 400 Watt fan. It can dry out the soggiest meals in a short time. This appliance has a perfect temperature of one hundred and sixty degrees F which is required by most food.

Circular Airflow Mechanism

Using this dehydrator, it ensures that hot air spreads through the shelves, and the air converges in the middle before going away again. This helps the temperature to increase the drying effect by concentrating on the rack surface.

Detailed Specification

Product’s Dimensions

The size of the Nesco Dehydrator is 14,1 x 9,2 x 14,2 in. It is a great device for the countertop of your small kitchen because it doesn’t take up a lot of room. Ideal for small families, this gadget is also a perfect addition to your holidays.

Unit’s Weight

This machine is really lightweight. Especially if you go on holiday, and you want to bring it with you, you will be able to transfer and transport it easily. As we have said, the carriage is small and simple.


This small dehydrator form is the stackable food unit where you can increase the size of the food and add some trays. Because of their scale, strength, pace, and evenly dried food it is called a “Green” computer.

Air Flow

Due to its top-mounted fan and the vertical airflow in this package, heat can be distributed in any direction. Since of the circular airflow, the Nesco dehydrator does not require continuous rotation of trays.

Temperature’s Range

It has the optimum heat required for the vast majority of foodstuffs. The thermostat has a set temperature of 160 degrees F.


Within this device, you can increase the number of trays. It includes four but you can add three more if necessary. That will depend on how much food you wish to dehydrate.


The heating element structure includes the dehydrator as well as the 400 Watt fan. The best thing is it uses less energy than many other dehydrated apps.


This device is warranted for one year from the date of the initial purchase against defects in the workmanship and material. This doesn’t compensate for the damage done by injuries, abuse, and transport.

Top Part

It has a transparent roof, so you can test your food status and quality. It won’t be foggy because the interior of the appliance produces moisture or vapor.

Things We Liked

It Can Dry Non-Edible And Edible Items

In the vast majority of meals, the Nesco Dehydrator has the optimum heat needed. The thermostat has a fixed temperature of 160 degrees F which is considered as the optimal heat for the drying of non-edible and edible materials. You can dehydrate spices and herbs into this unit.

Easy To Control The Food

It’s hard to test the food in certain dehydrators as you’re going to need to open their doors or shut it off and that’s the leading issue. Yet this unit has the see-through lid that helps you to track and monitor the meals that you cook inside the system. And you can test that whenever you wish!

Cleaning The Dehydrator Is Easy

This dehydrator is easy to clean, and it will save you a lot of time and energy. Just take the trays out and wash them in a dishwasher. Make sure you clean that before you use it.

Doesn’t Require Trays Rotation

This device does not require continuous tray rotation because the fan uses the circular airflow method which provides drying even on each tray. Thanks to its top-mounted fan and the vertical airflow can be spread in all directions inside this appliance space.

Expandable Size

When you want your friends and family to dehydrate more nutritious appetizers, you can increase the scale of this dehydrator by adding three trays to it. Especially if you want to use it for moderate or small family reunions or to dehydrate and store loads of organic fruits and vegetables so you can use it in the future, it is an excellent choice.

It Includes Manual Book

They give instructions in the manual book of the manufacturer so that when using this device a beginner does not face any difficulties. You’ll see some great guidance on how to use this product in practice.

Affordable Price

The price of the Nesco dehydrate is inexpensive and fair. A wonderful tool will purchase someone with a small budget and this machine gets all the benefits.

Heat Distribution

Due to its top-mounted fan and the vertical airflow in this dehydrator, heat will circulate in any direction. All of the fruits and vegetables are uniformly dried.

Things We Didn’t Like

No Thermostat

Since the manufacturers pre-set the thermostat, not one comes with this dehydrator. So, if you try to dehydrate any food that needs less heat it can be difficult.

No Timer

During the drying process, you have to check the food, since this device has no timer included. Once your food is ready you will also need to turn it off directly from the power source.


If you want an inexpensive price for a high-quality dehydrator, then the Nesco dehydrator is an excellent option for you. Using this useful and exceptional device, you can easily dry a wide range of healthy snacks, from vegetables to fruits.

It’s especially good for beginners because it doesn’t have many features and is really user friendly. The best thing is that this product is consistent with the lifestyle collection, and is suitable for most households.

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