What are the Best Food Storage Containers? Reviews and Buying Guide

The kitchen is every home’s life-line because that’s where we whip delicacies and store all of our favorite snacks and savories. It is a full-time job to keep a kitchen clean and clutter-free because it is the one location that everybody in the family visits. The kitchen has it all, from fresh food to staples to packaged food to condiments, so kitchen storage needs to be functional, compact, and safe.

There are several options for kitchen containers – glass pots, large plastic containers, air-tight designs, colorful patterns, or multi-size sets. The preferred solutions, along with the size and shape of the container, are airtight containers made of plastic or glass. Stainless steel containers with lids are widely used in the refrigerator to store food. We list some of the popular kitchen storage containers for you that will help you store and keep everything tidy and organized effectively.

Investing in quality food storage containers can make it a lot simpler, whether you are dedicated to meal prepping every week or only trying to organize your fridge. They will not only help keep your food fresh but also save you time and make your kitchen look a lot neater.

The material they’re made of is one of the most important things to remember when shopping for food storage containers. While glass food storage containers are super flexible (many are oven-safe), plastic alternatives are generally lighter, making them easy to store during your commute in your bag. While some people do choose glass to plastic to prevent leaching chemicals into food, it is also important to remember that all of the BPA-free plastic containers on this list are.

How to find the best food storage container

Here are some details to consider when shopping for food storage containers, before you start scrolling:

Material: Two of the most common food storage options are glass and plastic. Glass appears to have more applications and, while plastic can not, can also be used in the oven. The trade-off is that glass is heavier and can break, making it not the best thing to take on the go. While most plastic is now BPA-free and perfectly safe, some consumers still assume that glass is the “safer” choice to prevent chemical leaching possibilities.

Shape: Most containers for storing food are round or rectangular. For salads and liquids, the round is more ideal, whereas rectangular ones are great for meats and sides, plus the straight edges stack neatly without wasting space. To avoid hogging up extra, unnecessary space in your fridge and cabinets, we love containers with straight edges versus flared, round, or rectangular.

Lids: A dealbreaker is a lid that doesn’t seal. While others have clasps on the sides, some simply press down to close. We tend to prefer clasp-free lids because they are lighter and easier to store, but it is worth noting that the clasps provide an additional source of leak protection.

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Below are the best storage containers you can buy in 2021:

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container

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These food storage containers are brilliant for many reasons, completely see-through (apart from the seal), easy to stack, and are perfect for taking on the go because they are light, robust, and leakproof. For extra protection, they have an airtight seal that snaps close to them. They come in an assortment of sets and sizes that work well with mix-ins in your pantry or for packing salads. Some containers have removable compartments, based on what you want to store inside.

  • Safe for freezers, microwaves and dishwashing machines; leak-proof; BPA-free;
  • Transparent and stain-resistant
  • Stackable quickly

  • Lids are cumbersome to store

New OXO Good Grips 8-Piece POP Container Baking Set

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The very well-known POP containers from OXO have received a new design. The lids feature a one-handed design: To shape an airtight seal, simply push the button down. The lids are slimmer now, easier to clean and healthy for dishwashing. Some also store accessories, such as the half-cup scoops pictured inside the jar, so you always have a special one on hand to measure dry goods. This Baking Package is built to match a five-pound flour and sugar bag perfectly, as well as a one-pound brown sugar tray. The POP Containers are available in a range of sets and sizes to purchase just what you need. They are neatly and securely stacked, allowing you to keep track of the requisite refills easily.

  • Top-rack safe for the dishwasher; BPA-free
  • Styles and sizes assortment
  • Transparent and stackable

  • Pricy Pricy
  • Not perfect for getting on the go

FOODSAVER 2129973 Preserve & Marinate Vacuum Containers

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We’re beginning to see more and more containers with vacuum seals coming to the market. These, like the one attached to this GH Tested-vacuum sealer, are unique to FoodSaver and operate with its handheld vacuum sealers. The containers proved to be simple to use in our tests and retained their seal for days at a time. (We could tell by the green indicator that when the air is extracted absolutely, it depresses.)We used them to store dry salad greens and fresh salmon in the refrigerator; plus, they can be used to marinate food without worrying about leaky messes or baggies being used once. Slim, small, and lightweight, they’re transparent (so you can see what’s inside without removing the lid).

  • Secure for the fridge, microwave and top-shelf dishwasher; BPA-free
  • With a wide rectangular surface area, the 10-cup container is slim and
  • Clear and user-friendly foundation

  • The marinating mode produces similar results to other marinating modes, but can be washed and reused safely.

Snapware Total Solution Rectangular Plastic Meal Prep Food Storage Set

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If you’re searching for glass containers that will keep food fresh for a long time, Snapware’s Total Solution Glass line has proven to be fully airtight (say, if you placed meals in the freezer for long-term storage). Just bear in mind that the locking lids are plastic, so use plastic wrap or waxed paper as a shield to prevent staining when you microwave.

  • Healthy for the fridge, oven, and top-rack dishwasher; BPA-free
  • Lids lock on the spot

  • Many lids with clips to store

Joseph Joseph Nest Lock Plastic Food Storage Container Set

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If you’re concerned about space, the Joseph Joseph Nest storage containers are perfect. This line features nested containers and nested lids, so you just have to clear room for the largest container when putting them away. To create an airtight seal, the lids clip on to the containers. They’re see-through, so inside you can see. The larger sizes are better for cooking batches.

  • Healthy for the fridge, oven, and top-rack dishwasher; BPA-free
  • Assorted sizes to ensure that you always have the correct container size on hand.

  • Lids are bulky and, if not correctly mounted on containers, can be difficult to lock into place.

Anchor Hocking TrueSeal Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids

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In our test to keep air out, these containers won top scores (and that means keeping freshness in). They’re made of glass and up to 425oF can be used in the oven. The lids are visible and have an edge that is flexible and will not break over time. The lids are textured, and opening and sealing helps with the lip on the foot.

  • Freezer, refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven-safe without lids for up to 425oF; BPA-free
  • Lids have translucent tops and are quick to put on and take off.

  • Stack containers, but lids do not have a lip to avoid slipping.

Snapware Total Solution Rectangular Plastic Meal Prep Food Storage Set

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The Plastic Food Storage containers from Snapware Complete Solution come with a slim ice pack that snaps into the lid. This means that for hours they hold food cold and in our tests they proved super airtight. Oh, win-win! It is also possible to use the containers without an ice pack.

  • Microwave, freezer, dishwasher-safe; Non-BPA
  • The integrated ice pack keeps food cool

  • The ice pack takes up storage space for others

Pyrex Grab Glass Bakeware and Food Storage Set

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Such rectangular glass containers are suitable for marinating food and for cooking on the grill. They can be used as serving platters with lids to keep food warm and the bugs out until the food is ready. (If previously used for raw meat, only be sure to wash before serving.) The containers are stacked and have handles for quick transfer.They are also light enough to be taken over to the table and then transported inside in the same vessel to store leftovers and reheat. For hot and cold salads and side dishes, these nesting bowls with lids make an excellent companion.

  • Safe for the freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and preheated oven; BPA-free lids
  • Good for baking, serving, and storing: long, rectangular size
  • Handles make it easy to carry

  • When put too close to the heat source, the lids will melt.

Oggi 5pc Clear Canister Set with Clamp Lids Airtight Containers

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These Oggi containers provide your pantry shelf with a Pinterest-perfect look and easily nest inside themselves for easy storage. While the two latches on the seal lids of the lids were in place, we discovered they were not effective in meeting their airtightness claim. These could be best for storing foods that you quickly go through.

  • The lightweight and break-resistant design of the acrylic containers
  • Cute design, ideal for countertops

  • Did not meet claims of airtightness in our test

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Types of Food Storage Containers

Flexible Plastic

The least expensive flexible plastic containers are sold in bulk and are intended as single-use containers, but, if you’re careful, they can be used many times. They’re also perfect for taking visitors’ food home. Flexible higher-end plastic containers are designed for long-term use and are likely to be both microwave resistant and dishwasher safe. These are usually available in small sets and they’re cheap enough that you won’t miss it terribly if you don’t return home. You’re going to get a lot of use out of them, but they are more likely to break or discolor. While some are freezer-safe, others at cold temperatures may get very brittle and can crack or break.

Hard Plastic

More sturdy plastic containers can be as strong as your food processor’s cup. Such versions are slightly more costly than flexible plastic containers and are almost always safe for dishwashing (though the harsh detergents used in dishwashers can dull the finish). Although this does not harm the efficiency of the containers, you may want to wash them if your canisters are left on show.


Glass containers, sturdy but heavy, are stain-proof and will not hold odors. In a range of shapes and sizes, you can find these, like shallow casserole-shaped containers that are perfect for marinating, storing flat foods, and using them in your oven. Although glass food storage containers in the dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer are likely to be safe, it is always best to check with the manufacturer to ensure that. Even if the containers themselves are safe for such uses, special care may be required for the lids. You would not want to nest as many of them as you would if the containers were lightweight because glass storage containers are large.

Vacuum Storage

These containers, but with a twist, are just like canister storage sets. To produce a safe vacuum closure, many have their own vacuum system or may need a separate vacuum device to extract the air from the container. These are especially great for storing foods, such as nuts or whole grains, that could go stale. For cheese stored in the refrigerator, rapidly marinating meats, or making quick-pickled vegetables, smaller vacuum storage containers can be used. Although these are more costly than regular containers and are best used for foods that benefit from a vacuum seal, they can be used to store almost anything.

Choosing between glass and Plastic Food Storage Containers

Wondering which material to get? Here’s how we’d decide.

Choose glass:

  • If you don’t worry about heavier containers that can break up,
  • If the containers are mainly used for storage at home,
  • If foods that appear to stain or smell are stored,
  • Oven-safe containers, if you choose

Choose Plastic:

  • If you want something that is not going to shatter,
  • If you want a cheaper alternative, you can leave or stock up for meal preparation at potlucks.
  • If you seem to lose containers from your family
  • If you want to take something lighter around

In the end, the option between plastic and glass is a lifestyle-based, personal one. Breakage is one of the key problems to consider. Many containers for glass food storage are made of tempered glass, which is more durable than standard soda-lime glass that is not heat-treated. Glass is glass, though, and if you abuse it, it will always smash. If they crack, plastic containers won’t shatter, so you’re less at risk of cutting yourself. Nancy Hopkins, Better Homes and Gardens’ senior deputy food and entertaining writer, said, “We’re telling people to do their homework, read the directions, wash it, and store it properly.”Do what’s simple and convenient for your life.” The self-sealing plastic bag is her preferred food storage container, for its versatility and the fact that you can lose them, which can be important for children in a household.” “My two girls didn’t like containers made of plastic or glass. They wanted stuff that they could throw away.’Plastic is preferred by Michele Thomas, formerly executive editor at the International Culinary Center, because it is “easy to get, easy to transport, and easy to store, particularly in a small apartment.”

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How to clean the Food Storage Container

As dishwashing temperatures could warp them or cause the lids to fit incorrectly after washing, the least costly plastic containers could need hand-washing. Most other containers for plastic food storage are dishwasher-safe, while top-rack washing is also recommended by manufacturers to prevent excessive heat at the bottom of the dishwasher. While when used to store tomato-based items or similar foods, some flexible plastic containers will stain, this does not impact the container’s usefulness. Glass storage containers on either the top or bottom rack should be safe for dishwashing, and after washing, they will not stain or hold odors. Although most food storage containers are likely to be dishwasher-safe, Han should wash some lids.

Final Thoughts

A collection of kitchen storage containers offers a perfect way to keep your kitchen pieces organized. It can be used to store a wide range of food products, such as pulses, cereals, snacks, spices, sugar, tea, dried fruit, etc.

The kitchen storage containers allow fast and hassle-free cooking, as anything you need during cooking can be easily accessed. The sleek and stylish containers with air-tight lids keep the food as fresh as ever.

These kitchen storage containers are designed to ensure the integrity and high quality of food products with BPA-free and stable plastics. By taking home fashionable and trendy kitchen storage containers, add Zing to your modular kitchen.

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